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Our experience of improving the emotional health and wellbeing of young people aged 13-21 started by engaging young people in meetings with holocaust survivors where they were encouraged to examine where and how they might make a difference in their communities: taking lessons from the past into their everyday lives. Specifically, they engaged with questions of how to intervene around social marginalisation and segregation before violence escalates.

We noticed those whom the schools had omitted to bring with them and themes such as bullying, racism, gang membership - which sometimes get less attention than they would deserve, so few of us having the time or specialised expertise.

It proved particularly rewarding working with those previously excluded, as community building and social inclusion lie at the heart of our work with young people.

Meeting with those who had personally experienced the holocaust and perhaps also other violent trauma and dispossession, can nurture resilience in young people experiencing social exclusion today, and enhance their own power to act for change.

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