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Practitioner Training

Act for Change runs a training programme for practitioners and counsellors working with youth offending and trauma: caseworker, probation officer, youth or social worker or a counsellor, coach, facilitator, mentor or trainee in this area

If you are a team leader of youth offending family intervention,

probation, children’s services or a safeguarding team, this training is for

you. Meet the challenges of dealing with troubled, hard to reach young

people and their families involved with Social Care, Mental Health

and Youth Justice. Address underlying trauma in your work navigate through the entangled web created by difficult conflict situations and the effects of trauma to effectively map out cost-effective prosocial support plans.

We also offer volunteer facilitation training to help run facilitated


High Fives

Our Training Programmes

The Focus of Our Efforts

Recognising the enormity of the challenges our society faces, Act for Change is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our Training programmes. While our organisation’s singular focus drives our efforts, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our Training and get involved yourself. 


Community workers, youth workers, staff from housing estates dealing with the interactions which take place between residents, local residents interested in getting involved, facilitators and anyone interested in having impossible conversations.

Deep Democracy in Communities

DDC brings a deepening understanding, beyond the polarities that are likely to burst out as unmanaged behaviour and shape conflict in our communities.
Running a forum gives the sense of being heard to those voices who are too often
too marginalised to speak and, as a result, feel that they have been left unheard and unnoticed. It creates hope for a better future.

TSD Practitioner Training

Act for Change Training is a development programme for those who wish to work with vulnerable young people often with complex trauma. We are on a mission to ensure as many counsellors and social workers as possible have access to this training.


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