Ethical Entrepreneur

Ethical Entrepreneur Youth Pathway builds the experience base of young people as they contribute to their local community and our planet. Every effort can make a difference and each young person matters.

Young people 11-15

Engage with local and global issues. 

They are encouraged to form creative social networks as opposed to gangs. 

This strand takes on an even more critical dimension in this time of uncertainty and change. 

Young people, like their adult counterparts, need to contribute and see themselves as contributing towards a better world. 

This will help reduce their anxieties, sense of hopelessness that some may have and help increase their sense of control and agency in their lives. 

Older youths 16+ 

learn and develop entrepreneurial skills 

harness local businesses, community and families to the natural enterprise of young people 

Older adults with tech and entrepreneurial savvy will mento the young people through training and by breaking down the work involved in entrepreneurship into achievable bite sizes. 

This is a motivational activity that opens up pro-social activities and increases assertiveness, confidence and self-esteem. 

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