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Practitioner Training

Act for Change runs a training programme for practitioners and counsellors working with youth offending and trauma: caseworker, probation officer, youth or social worker or a counsellor, coach, facilitator, mentor or trainee in this area

If you are a team leader of youth offending family intervention,

probation, children’s services or a safeguarding team, this training is for


Meet the challenges of dealing with troubled, hard to reach young

people and their families involved with Social Care, Mental Health

and Youth Justice.

Address underlying trauma in your work

Navigate through the entangled web created by difficult conflict situations and the effects of trauma to effectively map out cost effective prosocial support plans.

We also offer volunteer facilitation training to help run facilitated conversations.

Upcoming Events
Healing History Ealing
Benedictine Study & Arts Centre
Creating Spaces For Community Based Healing
Location is TBD
Healing History Haifa
Location is TBD

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