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Wellbeing Service

This new service has been set up to address the coming spike in mental health needs. We are aiming to expand the number of counsellors available to you locally by rapidly vetting and deploying volunteer counsellors.

We are fully operational and ready to start delivery of this service in your area. 

  • Volunteering counsellors are vetted rapidly and DBS checked 

  • All counsellors registered with BACP/UKCP

  • All counsellors receive induction training 

  • Weekly supervision of counsellors ensures safeguarding provisions in place and adhered to

To start supporting people in need of emotional support coming through your local Helplines within a week, register now

Benefits to volunteer counsellors 

  • Induction training 

  • Weekly supervision 

  • Administrative support 

  • Learning Hub

Benefits to Local Authority 

  • Quality Control 

    • BACP/UKCP registered

    • can be vetted & DBS checked rapidly 

  • Quick start

  • Free up social services teams 

  • Low cost of delivery 

  • Reporting 

  • Learning Hub

    • directing training needs

    • increasing improvements

Purchase the induction training and weekly supervision for volunteering counsellors and get started now. For further information and for the pricing structure of the service, please contact us here.

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