What We Do

Collaborative & Innovative

Deep Democracy Forum

Deep Democracy facilitates community conversations on hot topics to reduce conflict by supporting all voices to bring out community wisdom. 

The Deep Democracy process includes:

  • storytelling

  • facilitated conversations

  • processing our own histories

  • 1:1 conversation 

Training & Workshops

Act for Change runs a training programme for practitioners and counsellors working with youth offending and trauma: caseworker, probation officer, youth or social worker or a counsellor, coach, facilitator, mentor or trainee in this area.

If you are a team leader of youth offending services, family intervention, probation, children's services or safeguarding team, we have a training for you.

Meet the challenges of dealing with troubled, hard-to-reach young

people and their families involved with Social Care, Mental Health

and Youth Justice, and address underlying trauma in your work

Navigate through the entangled web created by difficult conflict situations and the effects of trauma to effectively map out cost effective prosocial support plans.


Act for Change is able to provide group supervision to practitioners who train with us and seek to implement the Act for Change methodology.

Keynote Speakers

Our presenters bring a fresh, vital message to social workers and counsellors working with youth and trauma, focusing on how to work both in a client-centred and in a systemic way with the individual, their family and their community.

Presentations range from keynotes, breakout sessions, half-day workshops and ongoing in-service training for practitioners.

Simon Dermody is an engaging speaker and author, bringing relevance and insight to his presentations from over 30 years of working with family dynamics. Fuelled by his compassion and commitment, his presentations are insightful, interactive and actionable.

Lea Misan engages participants through inspiring presentations, from her experience as a lawyer and psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and groups in her private practice. Lea has a professional and warm style, bringing results with ease to her audience.

Lea and Simon often facilitate workshops together and create a dynamic flow that allows for embodied learning and on-going growth for all involved.

Speaking and Presentation Topics include:

  • To Assess or not to Assess

  • Formulating a roadmap

  • Between agency and control

  • Prevention

  • Picking up the micro-aggressions before escalation

  • Influencing change with attitude

  • When to intervene

  • Family Transitions

  • Preparing for, Making or Facing important transitions 

Some titles we might talk about are:

  • The emotional impact of violence and coming back from the brink

  • Understanding a child’s challenging behaviour and what to do about it

Happy Family

"Act For Change helped me find ways to cope with losing my sister and best friend. My counsellor has shown me it’s ok to cry, but it's also ok to laugh and keep on living."

Anthony, Bedford


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